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Responsible use of sin taxes

On the bottle of a Chimay Trappist beer:

The “Trappist” logo certifies that this ale is brewed in a Trappist Abbey and that the majority of sales income is intended for social aid.

I wonder what happens to the sin taxes in Malaysia, considering we’re the second highest in the world for beer after Norway.

KL, the land of watered down beer

Fireangel doesn’t like her drinks watered down. Neither do I.

However, it seems to be common practice in Kuala Lumpur. Anywhere I go, it seems like beer is watered down. It doesn’t matter if its more “exotic” beers like Kilkenny or Hoegaarden; it also happens to the common local beers like Tiger. Its just a sad thing.

Take for example, the RM28 for a pint of Hoegaarden on tap (ok, its a few bucks more, but when you buy 18 beers, they seem to give you a discount). This at Deutsches Gasthaus 2, in Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI). Its definitely watered down. The atmosphere is nice, the service is fabulous, the range of beers available are definitely impressive (lots of imported stuff, in bottles), but I don’t see myself returning by choice, if all I get is expensive, watered down beer.

The one place I found that serves good draught beer, is Decanter, located in Sri Hartamas. Its relatively cheap, non-watered down, but sadly they only serve Tiger beer (I’d prefer Carlsberg on tap, any day). Backyard in Sri Hartamas also seems to be true blue beer.

Where else in the Klang Valley does one get real beer?