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Define: camwhore

Google needs this in their dictionary. Thank goodness, the Urban Dictionary offers several opinions on what it is to be a camwhore (thus, practising the art of camwhoring, or to camwhore).

See: narcissism, media whore

Synonymous with: attention whore

Ref.: Wikipedia:Cam_whore, On whoring oneself

N/B: camwhoring has nothing to do with prostitution. How often have we seen people charging for viewing pictures or videos of themselves? Maybe I’m surfing the wrong sites… but I’m pretty sure its generally free for all to see.

Unless of course, you remember JenniCam (yes kids, the Internet did exist in 1996 :P) Today, iJustine, and call it “lifecasting”. A decade ago, we called it camwhoring. Terminology…

Maybe, Paul McFedries needs to add this to the WordSpy… go read an entry, like one on brand sluts, for instance.