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The State of Broadband

P1 W1MAX | WiMAX Malaysia - Wireless Broadband Internet Service Taman Klang Jaya, formerly known as Taman Goodwood, currently gives me great woes, when it comes to getting an Internet connection. In short, there is no choice, but the monopoly that is Telekom Malaysia, and their substandard DSL service, better known as Streamyx.

Streamyx, as we all know, pretty much sucks. Heck, even Members of Parliament know this.

Hence, I have a Maxis Broadband modem. And guess what? Their 3G services not only suck in Taman Klang Jaya, they suck pretty much everywhere. On Twitter, people are suggesting to go back to just use the 2G network, and things work out fine. If the telco had any maruah, they’d do what DiGi did for their prepaid users: service outage = half price calls.

So I thought I’d try P1’s W1MAX. They seem to be selling in Klang, and I have a little Wiggy device. Still, no coverage in the area.

DiGi Broadband (MidValley, Starbucks) I’ve recently become a DiGi Broadband subscriber, and while it works fine (1mbps in my PJ home), it drops back to EDGE in Taman Klang Jaya. And as we all know, EDGE isn’t that fast.

So, what is a resident of Taman Klang Jaya to do? (Certainly, its not to subscribe to Streamyx, P1, Maxis and DiGi!) Rather than complain here on my blog, is it possible that I contact my local Member of Parliament? How do I even find out who my MP is? (Wow, that kid at BarCampKL that @tekong and I encountered, would be jumping all over this statement, right about now).

The state of broadband is such that even if I were to launch any high-bandwidth requirement businesses, I would fail. And I’m sure somewhere, in the MSC Bill of Guarantees, there is a provision that says the infrastructure itself must be world class. Streamyx today, is probably even worse than many third world countries I’ve visited.

maybank2u slow for the masses

When I blogged about maybank2u 2.0, I also mentioned that loading the site was an issue.

before after % increase
148KB 196KB 32%
41 HTTP requests 61 HTTP requests 49%
5.47s 10.68s 95%

It seems they launched the site, and its now slow as. slowarse
Our service is currently unavailable.
Please try again later

More HTTP requests… longer load times… its almost impossible to login. And when you do, you see the above.

Its a better design. The UI rocks. But you got to scale the site, dear. With all that increases, you got to increase capacity. Lets hope these teething problems disappear (I don’t know when the site got launched, been away these past few days).

Funnily enough, I was awakened by my dad, who’s pretty tech-savvy, to tell me that the website had changed, and he couldn’t find the login button. I wonder how many people were so used to the old UI, which said “login” on the left hand side-bar, that now they’ve got to look at the top-right hand spot. Little UI changes… can potentially cause big panics!

Update: Classic Maybank2u is still available in the meantime. Its still Web 1.0-ish, but its familiar. Good luck to the M2U team in scaling M2U 2.0!