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MySQL 5.6 + GTID & MariaDB 10 replication

While at the keynote of Tomas Ulin at Percona Live MySQL Conference & Expo Santa Clara 2014, he asked the audience what they were running, and most of the audience was on MySQL 5.5 while about 15% of the audience was on MySQL 5.6. This number is steadily increasing I’m sure, so one thing that becomes important is that people will probably start turning on Global Transaction Identifiers (GTIDs). 

As you may already know, MariaDB 10 has a different implementation of Global Transaction ID. To me, this poses a problem in a mixed use environment (or even a migration scenario). Which is why MDEV-4487 is so important: it is a feature request to allow replication from MySQL 5.6+ when GTID is enabled on the master

If you think the issue is important, you can vote and watch the issue on JIRA. I for one think this should be fixed for 10.0.11 or 10.0.12 and not wait for the 10.1 timeframe. Best not to comment here, focus on the JIRA request, MDEV-4487.

MySQL 5.6 system variables in the MariaDB 10 server

Since MariaDB aims to be a compatible/drop-in replacement to MySQL, its crucial that in 10.0 we support all the 5.6 options/system variables, else we have to clearly document them in the Knowledgebase article MariaDB versus MySQL – Compatibility.

To this extent, Sergey Vojtovich (svoj) has created MDEV-5277 as a tracker. There is also plenty of discussion on this topic at the maria-developers mailing list. I encourage current users of MySQL 5.6 to take a look at the list and comment either in Jira or on the mailing list to ensure that when we are ready for MariaDB 10.0, we cover what you’re using.

Homebrew (Mac OS X) and MariaDB 10.0 series

Today I performed a brew update. I noticed that MariaDB now exists as stable (5.5.30) and devel (10.0.2). Brew formulas also exist for MySQL (5.6.10) and Percona Server (5.5.30-30.2) now. 10.0.3 is around the corner but I wanted to run 10.0.2 now. This is how I did it:

brew unlink mariadb
brew install --devel mariadb

It’s that simple!

New MySQL 5.6 Features by Oli Sennhauser

First talk at FOSDEM MySQL Devroom by Oli Sennhauser, of FromDual. Quick notes/liveblog of the talk, plus links from a quick search.

New Release Model: starts with at least in beta quality, milestone releases are RC quality (every 3-6 months), between milestones new features are allowed, GA releases every 12-18 months, no more than 2 releases in active support. There is also MySQL Labs, in where features can make it into a release model, but not necessarily.

Oli’s guess: MySQL 5.6 GA in April 2012 (Collaborate) or June 2012. As a consequence, MySQL 5.0 and MySQL 5.1 will be EOL probably by April this year.

New improvements in partitioning: explicit partition selection, exchanging partitions (good for ETL jobs).

New improvements in InnoDB: InnoDB INFORMATION_SCHEMA has got some new entries. Buffer (INNODB_BUFFER), Fulltext (INNODB_FT), Metrics (INNODB_METRICS), Data Dictionary (INNODB_SYS). The InnoDB Monitor is now obsolete. innodb_purge_threads can be set > 1. Kernel mutex split which should lead to improved concurrency. Persistent optimizer statistics (since InnoDB used to do random dives, so when you do a mysqldump, things can be different) – you can do SET GLOBAL innodb_analyze_is_persistent = 1; (read more: InnoDB Persistent Statistics at last, InnoDB Persistent Statistics Save the Day).

New improvements in optimizer: ORDER by on non-indexed columns, Multi Range Read (MRR), Index Condition Pushdown (ICP), query execution plan for DML statements, Batched Key Access (BKA). There is also optimizer tracing.

There is now some new instrumentations in Performance Schema (introduced in MySQL 5.5). There is also improved replication features, but that will be covered in a later talk.

Fractional seconds (microseconds) is introduced in MySQL 5.6. GET DIAGNOSTICS for stored procedures. Pluggable authentication (socket). memcached/InnoDB still in labs, hasn’t made it to a milestone release. Some 400+ bugs have been fixed. Lots of cleanup’s (old unused variables, commands removed).

Pay attention to MySQL 5.6 incompatible changes when you plan to upgrade.

Probably some good resources: What’s New in MySQL 5.6, MySQL 5.6 (Early Access Features) – InnoDB & Replication.