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Apple opens up Podcasts, iTunes U in Malaysia

I just noticed this: Apple now not only sells you apps in the AppStore in Malaysia, but you can also download podcasts and iTunes U content, using your Malaysian iTunes Store account. This is a big change, considering the directory was not available, this time last year. I believe this change is mostly international, across all iTunes stores.

Incidentally, you can now also buy iPad apps in the AppStore (yet, you cannot get an iPad from Apple or any of their authorised resellers; people are generally price gouging you now with their parallel imports). So what do you get in the Malaysian AppStore today?

  1. Apps: iPhone, iPad
  2. Podcasts
  3. iTunes U podcasts

So what’s missing? Music, Movies, TV Shows, and Audiobooks. I guess that’s stuff we should look forward to, in the future.

This could be big for podcasters in Malaysia/Singapore. Audio, video content can go into the directories. We’re getting faster Internet. And there are a lot of iOS-devices out there, which now may have yet another reason to use iTunes (and maybe purchase apps at the same time). Kudos Apple, we’ve waited long enough.

Podcast hosting options?

I’ve been looking around to find a host for podcasts, while toying with the idea of hosting it in Malaysia on my box as well. Self hosting has the advantage that its free, but at the same time, it may not be as fast for others outside the country, and then I’ve got to worry about it being a bandwidth hog.

I’ve been looking at PodBean, as well as libsyn. They all tend to have the same feature set: storage space that grows on a monthly basis, unmetered bandwidth, all starting at about USD$5/month. PodBean seems to offer just that little bit more, it seems, with video podcasting being supported just as well (this is a reason why the self-hosting mechanism isn’t one I’m after).

So, do you podcast? What do you use? Why?

First step to podcasting: Get a good mic

My goal for a while now (since November 2006 — yes, its March 2009 now) has been to be to start a podcast. Or two. Or a network of podcasts. Lofty goals, but a man has got to dream, no?

I’ve now made the first step into getting that started. I purchased a Samson C01U USB Studio Condensor Microphone. Its a great mic – and it works as advertised. Just plug it in, adjust the sound levels, and its recording just fine in GarageBand or Audio Hijack Pro. I didn’t but the shockmount (aka “spider”) from Samson, as I found a cheaper, metal one, for RM90.

Finding recording gear isn’t the simplest. I ended up having to go to Pasar Road to get the item (from Instraco). It seemed more convenient than having to order it in from overseas.

The following reviews had been helpful as well: MacInTouch as well as the comparison with the C03U as well (costs a bit more, good for recording many instruments, but definitely not what I require).

So, what will I be podcasting about? Something free & open source related, naturally. At least for starters. Another one for startups, entrepreneurs, and so on, I’m sure of (it doesn’t have a name, or a domain).

Update: A link to the product sheet, as it has a very interesting video about how the C01U and C03U work, and how to position it, and so forth.