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MySQL Conference: Radar interview, “mini-tutorials”

A few notes about the MySQL Conference & Expo 2010.

  1. Check out the schedule. Its more packed than you can imagine. You’re going to want to be in many places at once, by the looks of it.
  2. O’Reilly Radar has an interview with Ronald Bradford: MySQL migration and risk management. You’ll get a teaser as to Ronald’s thoughts, and a bit of information about his two talks at the conference on migrating from Oracle to MySQL. He has swanky titles for them: Ignition and Liftoff! Expect a lot of technical meat in both these talks…
  3. The idea of “mini-tutorials”. Some talks take longer than 45 minutes to deliver, so why not have 90 minute sessions? Ronald’s is a good example of this, though it’s spread over 2 days. We have more:

So, have you registered yet? Early bird registrations ends March 15 2010.