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Digital Media Consumers

An online survey (500 Malaysians, all online already, and in total, it was 26,000 amongst the countries surveyed) by The Nielsen Company, showed that Malaysians ranked fifth amongst 52 countries for being digital media consumers. The stats (with more from the NST):

  • Malaysians ranked third globally for those that spent more than 20 hours a week watching streamed or downloaded content from the Internet – translation, Malaysians bittorrent a lot, or are in love with YouTube. Video in Malaysia is big, clearly.
  • 53%/41% played(streamed, even)/downloaded video/movie/audio/game content online in December 2008. Translation? The ones with 1mbps broadband lines are streaming YouTube content… How about a local video sharing site, or a local site with content?
  • 85% got on their computers, while only 77% turned on their TV sets – translation, if you’re not advertising online or your media buyers don’t know how to deal with it, its time to find new ones
  • 4% download movies/movie clips more than 30 times in a month – that means about 7.5 TV series that they’re following, or less, but with movies thrown in – eep, no advertising seen
  • 8% download music or other audio files more than 30 times – since there’s no iTunes music store in Malaysia, its probably entirely illegal content

So its skewed. With a broadband penetration rate of about 18% only, they asked the choir, and the results aren’t too surprising. I predict we’ll see more people online in the results of the June/July survey, as we face this economic slowdown, and more people buckle up, stay at home, and still live their lives.

MSC Malaysia InnoTech slide summary

I wasn’t at the MSC Malaysia InnoTech event on the 17th of November 2008, held at the Shangri-La Hotel, in Kuala Lumpur, but I did take a look at the slide deck.

Executive summary? All the talks, save for the ones listed below, were probably a waste of time.

Khailee gave a fairly short pitch (~9 minutes), he even put up a video with bits of his transcript. I saw an expanded 45 minute version of this talk at StartupCampKL, and I reckon that was the better version to be at :) There was also video recording, but it hasn’t made its way online, yet.

Bob Chua, from The Pulse Group, gave a very interesting talk on Funding Trends (OK, his slide deck was interesting). Why? Because it was filled with nuggets of useful information, almost like it was out of the book Microtrends. Did you know that 1 out of 8 couples married last year, in the U.S. met online? His closing thoughts, though nothing new, are generally useful for the entrepreneurial crowd.

Kumaran Singaram, from Cisco, probably gave a product pitch, but there were some interesting nuggets in the slide deck. “The Network Is The Platform for Colloboration” sounds very similar to “The Network is the Computer”, no? Its interesting to see how much of WebEx/C-Vision is used at Cisco, for example (why the details are kept “Cisco Confidential” I don’t know). Its great to see the amount of active blogs, in the Cisco blogosphere (and the growth from February – August is about two times). There’s active use of discussion forums at Cisco, and there’s been a 6x growth from January to August! Lots of Wiki usage as well. I fear these stats might also be from 2007, rather than them being current (I can only guess, based on the confidential/copyright marker in the footer of some slides).

The rest? I think Tom Raftery (of RedMonk fame) might have given a good talk, but the slides didn’t give out too much.

Were you at the event? Did you learn something new?

Taxes (2008)

More for my reference than anything else…

I originally read it in the dead tree edition of The Edge. Its a pity they don’t place all their content online (worried about people not buying your paper for RM5? Place it online after a month, its “dated” enough to be free).


  • According to Second Finance Minister Nor Mohamed Yakcop, only 1.2 million of Malaysia’s 10.5 million workers earn more and pay income tax.
  • Only 38,500 earning a taxable income of RM100,000 and above are in the highest tax bracket.

The above via Malaysians brace themselves for higher cost of living. If you can get past the opinion, most of the article is quoted in this comment.