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Spotify and the App Store

Via Recode, Spotify says Apple won’t approve a new version of its app because it doesn’t want competition for Apple Music.

Why is this surprising to Spotify? Amazon has a Kindle app on the App Store but doesn’t sell books inside said app. Its Apple’s App Store, you play by their rules, no?

I read the New York Times which presumably allows you to subscribe via the app, but I log in via my account since I have a direct relationship with them. I read the Financial Times, and they didn’t want to play by the App Store rules – they’re a full-featured HTML5 application.

Maybe Spotify should take heed from the FT and invest further in (The spec obviously support it, since Rdio had a browser based interface before Spotify did; I don’t know the status of how mobile browsers handle it.)

Malaysian postcode database

I’ve been thinking about simplifying e-commerce checkouts in Malaysia.

At bare minimum you need:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Phone
  • Street address
  • Postcode

State can be derived from Postcode. Country can be set as default, with the option to change it to something else (so a pull-down).

I found MalaysiaPostcode as a useful database. It looks like scraped data from POS Malaysia Location Finder.


Zembly: write applications for Facebook, and the same thing applies for the iPhone or Meebo, or as a widget on your blog. Build stuff within the web-browser. This is a Sun-sponsored project, and looks very interesting.

Zembly: An Open Platform for iPhone and Mobile Browser Widgets
Prakash Narayan, Sun Microsystems Inc

Firstly, we’re entering a new world: software development is already changing, involving mostly software engineers to new models that involve everyone. Identify new opportunities for SE experts to reach many times more users by enlisting the masses to build on your work

Applications come in all sizes and shapes (, widgets, shell scripts, etc.). Widgets are built on platforms (a piece of software that enables applications).

A platform is the fertiliser for ecosystems of applications built upon them. Applications enrich the platforms they run on. Crowdsourcing enrich platforms in ways that the original developers didn’t imagine. is a place for collaboratively building services, widgets, social applications, etc. for Facebook or the iPhone platform. Only tool you need to build your applications, is the web browser. Hosting is free!

Zembly is a community, and has “always live” development (using open services, widgets and mashups). Its like Wikipedia for code (freely create, edit, publish and find public services, widgets and mashups).

A new paradigm for developing applications. You’re not edit, compiling and debugging. As soon as you edit your code, its live (you then participate, and use applications).

A demo is now shown… Same application running on Facebook and an iPhone.

Try Zembly? Definitely. I just signed up for it.