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Getting the iPhone 3G in Malaysia

So, its a few hours before MacWorld 2009, and I’m contemplating getting an iPhone 3G. December 2008 has come and gone, and there is no sign of Apple partnering with any telco, or deciding to sell unlocked units in Malaysia, much to my annoyance. No, no, I love my Nokia E71, I’m just researching the iPhone 3G.

David runs MyMacBuzz, and has a useful resource available: Where to get legally unlocked iPhone 3G (updated). Many folk on Twitter also helped, and pointed me to iWorld (horrible Flash based website).

iWorld sells the 16GB edition for RM3,099, and the 8GB one for RM2,899. Its all unlocked, and nice. I couldn’t help but mosey over and compare it though, with other countries (I’m told unlocked versions are sold in Singapore too, I just couldn’t find the price online, easily).

This is what I like to see – seen at the Apple Store Hong Kong

Apparently, Optus is selling the iPhone 3G 8GB for AUD$729 (which is only RM1,820), but to unlock it you’ve got to be on a contract (I wonder if my AUD$5 contract applies? Probably not).

iWorld apparently provides a warranty for seven days, but beyond that, you’re on your own – they’ll help you out if need be, but I guess if something goes wrong, you’re on your own.

I know there have been lots of MacWorld predictions and wishes, but my hope is that we’ll see iPhones available in more regions, unlocked, even.