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BBC promoting new shows via personalisation

A great, modern way, to promote a TV series. [spooks] code 9 allows you to upload an image, and play a “game”, that is generated into a movie (a short clip). It takes all of under two minutes to do, and the whole application itself (Flash based) will take about five minutes of your time.

Personalisation, has been taken to the next level. The video below will last for three months, after which all I have are the screenshots. Give it a twirl, you might enjoy it.

my ID; a rendered me (as a Caucasian woman, quite possibly :P)

I like the idea of allowing you to email, or upload to Facebook, or embedding it to your own site. I like how you “play a role” in the mission. You have choices, before the final movie is made. All in all, good job BBC.