YDL; Core 2 test1

Got some most useful work completed – got Yellow Dog 3.0 completely installed on the iBook G4. The X config basically got easily solved via using the fbdev driver, rather than the radeon module. Disabling the HorizSync and VertRefresh meant that X runs at a full 1024×768 – Anaconda didn’t detect the 14″ screen appropriately and the values gave 640×480 resolution. This is to be updated to Fedora Rawhide when bandwidth permits.

Fedora Core 2 test1 has gotten onto potter, which was my last FC1 box, tracking updates-testing. The upgrade took a good three thours! On other notes, something interesting on kernel 2.4.22 showed up when I ran free:

total used free shared buffers cached
Mem: 384192 382608 1584 0 948 15996
-/+ buffers/cache: 365664 18528
Swap: 524280 524272 8