Of comments to Evolution

Argh! The spatial way hit lwn, and the comments have landed not on any list, but my inbox. nautilus-list is good for this sort of thing – not complaining, but possibly giving new ideas for improvement.

If there are any PC Gemilang users needing to upgrade to FC2 from FC1, there’s a guide: Upgrading your PC Gemilang (Fedora Core 1) to Fedora Core 2, which was a quick walk-thru of the experience. Others might find it useful if you performed ‘everything’ installs.

Evolution is giving me grief. When I right click a message, and select “Copy to Folder”, it comes up with a pop-up. Now, if I hit a key on the keyboard, say ‘t’, it should go to folders with names starting with a ‘t’, like Trash, or tech, or something. It seems to work on a clean FC2 install, but my upgraded FC1->FC2 e-mail box displays this. Is there a workaround?