Open source kills jobs?

Billg thinks so. Especially, since that’s what he seems to be fanning on his little world tour.

“If you don’t want to create jobs or intellectual property, then there is a tendency to develop open source. It is not something you do as a day job. If you want to give it away, you work on it at night.” So I guess all the hackers at Red Hat, Novell, Sun, and the numerous other OSS companies, are working only at night :)

Seems to think there’s no “guarantee” or “someone who stands behind your software” in the open source world – err, of course he discounts this and this and the numerous other firms that do it, in a local market.

Target message to the governments where piracy is rampant: a big loss in tax revenue. Let’s hope governments aren’t silly enough to infer that OSS also provides a possible loss in tax revenue…