Intentionally left blank

For some reason, the last few days have been quite busy, and I’ve been sleeping a bit more (and I haven’t even been having a life). Started working on an updated guide for the Fedora PPC installs, but have yet to complete it. Tried Rawhide on x86, and found that i8xx_tco (the watchdog drivers) cause the PC to constantly reboot within a 2-minute timeframe. Bad. All PC Gemilang owners will be affected.

Tried a USB scanner – the HP ScanJet 4100C. Just plugged it in, FC Rawhide on PPC just detected it, and I was on my scanning way! Talk about simply cool. No drivers, nothing required. I’ve not used a scanner since the mid-1990’s, and back then, support on Linux was horrible (parallel port scanners were cheap, and highly unsupported). GNOME 2.8 got released. I’m now popping Ubuntu Linux onto bigmac, so that’ll give me a chance to do a clean Rawhide install soon on the remaining space. Oh, also been playing with DidiWiki – I like it very much.