Livna down, then Fedora Ambassadors

Livna ( is down. It’ll probably only be back up this weekend. Machine was to be fsck’ed, but it never came back up alive again. AFAIK, mpackage should be down to. I know there’s a lot of folk asking questions about that, and its coming… If we set build system to be that of livna, that takes away a lot of our problems.

However, all’s not lost. As root, do:

rpm -Uvh livna-release.rpm

Well, you can also use sudo (what I’d recommend, but isn’t setup by default). If you want, backup /etc/yum.repos.d/livna.repo first. Download it from:

In other interesting news, Alex Maier is clearly good at what she does, and she’s now Marketing lead. I’ve dropped down to co-Lead. The Community Marketing Contact theme from has been relaunched as the Fedora Ambassadors. This is greatly good news for me, as attending meetings regularly, and giving good amounts of time for the success of this project, as a lead, I think I was holding the project back. I hope to do the tasks I’m assigned to, and feel at ease (well, more at ease) by being a co-Lead.