Red Hat Magazine’s focus on Asia

Red Hat Magazine this month (well, okay, last month, I’m clearing out my tabs), has a feature on Linux and Asia. Of interest were:

  • What does open source mean in India? – an interview with Javed Tapia (Director, Red Hat India), showing why India finds OSS important (software costs too much), how localisation works, and a bit about Red Hat India.
  • Asia, the questions we ask – a great read, written by Michael Tiemann about his experiences in Asia. A question of interest: “What will be Singapore’s role in the technology industry of the 21st century?” I think thats the question most countries want the answer to, be it Malaysia or Australia. Its interesting to see what he has to mention about Sri Lanka (a place thats great for outsourcing, and has heaps of OSS contributors – look at the Apache project).
  • Open source for non-profits – by Matt Frye, Fedora contributor, and NGO saviour. He talks about making the Healing Place of Wake County, a place for homeless people with alcohol and drug addictions to recover and rehabilitate, running Red Hat Linux, Apache and MySQL, with a PHP based web interface.
  • The open source movement in Malaysia</shameless plug> Written by me, it is a positive overview of the Malaysian OSS movement. At some stage, we’ll concentrate on business use of it, possibly in the following month or two.
  • Red Hat Interns – this was actually a pretty cool video. If time permits, take a gander, just a little disappointed I didn’t get to see the Fedora contributors Luke Macken and Jack Aboutboul, who both interned at Red Hat last summer (?).