Mike is a winner all round

No, we didn’t forget about Make MySQL 5.1 Rock contest. We were just migrating our bugs database, and going through a little teething problems everytime a Monday hit! (yes, I’ve not been taking them for myself in the last two weeks!) The good news is that, you get an additional fortnight to win yourself an iPod Nano.

This week’s winner is none other than Mike Kruckenberg. He’s submitted a bunch of bug reports, in relation to MySQL Cluster (another hot topic these days), and one that caught my eye was a critical server crash (mysql#18603). He also blogs about his day spent with MySQL 5.1, which is a fun read.

If that’s not enough, Mike is also an invited member of the highly esteemed MySQL Guilds, and he’s co-written an excellent book: Pro MySQL. If you haven’t already read it, go buy it already.

Thanks for making MySQL 5.1 rock, you deserve the iPod Nano!