MySQL Staff Party

So the last few days have been randomly fun. I’ve been to Fry’s several times to grab random bits and bobs. Things I don’t need, but now have. Hung out with Mikal and Stewart quite a bit, which is always fun. Had lots to drink, and have gotten some work done!

All that aside, today was reserved mostly for our CEO’s house party. It was highly fun, there was drink, great food, and even song!

MySQL Staff Party 2006
Stewart by the bar

There was Foster’s beer! Haha. Go Australian export beer. And Morgan was caught having some. I got to meet so many MySQLers its going to be hard to remember them all. I’m sure by the time the UC is over, all will be well.

MySQL Staff Party 2006
Kaj, my boss. I like this “portrait” of him quite well

Anyways, a picture tells a thousand words, so view the MySQL Staff Party 2006 photoset.