The Migration BoF

“No, you can’t run a Migration BoF, and it won’t make sense without a few of our migration experts,” he exclaimed with a petulant expression.

Well, it turns out the migration BoF was actually quite good at the MySQL UC. It turns out, that everyone attending thought that it was a migration from 3.23 or 4 or 4.1 to MySQL 5. My understanding of this was that we’d actually prefer folk to come in from $database and figure they’d want to migrate to MySQL.

And fair enough, the only experience I’ve had over time was migrating from Postgresql right to MySQL. But the idea of a BoF is to let everyone talk, share experiences, and so on. So a few resources we discussed, and I think were generally useful (and hopefully now, there will be more 5.0 users):

MySQL has always recommended incremental upgrades. And its always a good idea to backup your data before doing an upgrade.

What I did want to discuss was the cool MySQL Migration Toolkit. It also has an excellent manual entry. But it seems that no one has really used it before, and I had to run away for another item… aka, the Quiz Show. All in all, good Migration BoF, and thanks to everyone attending!