MySQL Conference & Expo 2007

Today I booked (well, I did that a couple of days ago) and paid for my flight ticket to the 2007 MySQL Conference & Expo. As always, its the last day for staff to get their stuff together, so I did :-)

Now, all you folk out there, might find that if you register by March 14 (I believe thats in the US timezone), you’ll save $200, so thats a total cost of only $1,295! Its at the Santa Clara Convention Center, so stay at the Hyatt if you’re wanting to hang out with MySQL’ers even after hours. Alternatively, if you’re looking for other (cheaper?) accomodation, there’s the Hilton across the road.

I’d recommend the tutorial day, especially if you’re interested in Cluster, as my friend and colleague Stewart Smith is doing the MySQL Cluster: The Complete Tutorial, in two parts, so thats one whole day of cluster related goodness. Everyone’s talking about scaling cheaply, and I think this is well worth attending if you don’t know much about Cluster.

When time permits, I’ll take a further look at the schedule, and give you my picks of what I think is going to be hot. Till then…

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