Distributed environment quirks; arrived at the MySQL Conf

I arrived earlier in the afternoon (on my second Friday now), and was waiting in the shuttle, for apparently another colleague. Twiddling thumbs, getting bored, and just when half an hour passes by, I think of the advice Stewart gave me, saying that the shuttle service was a little dodgy. Suddenly, I see a “familiar” face – its Lenz Grimmer, my colleague that I’ve been working with for ages. I say familiar, because all I’ve seen are photos, and made contact regularly via conference calls, IRC, and email. We met face to face, for the first time, just today.

Amazing, working in a distributed environment, no?

All that aside, Jay, Lenz and I couldn’t resist catching up by the poolside. Dinner ensued at Nicolino’s Italian restaurant in Sunnyvale, located a sweet walking distance from the Hyatt. No side-paths for walking, which I find to be surprising (you can cross streets with pedestrian crossing buttons, but parts of the streets just lose a sidewalk!)

Trying to sleep, and get some rest now for an early morning, but the 1,500 kids that are staying at the Hyatt are ruining my efforts. Knocking on doors, ringing my phone, screaming, running about, and apparently I have a view of the pool, and both the hot tub and pool are swarming with kids. Our future leaders are having a good time, it seems.