UC-J Day 2 photos

Its been a while since I last blogged. I’ve shifted through many countries now, since my post on UC-J Day 1. Since then, I’ve updated the set, and there are way more photos, even from Day 2. Day 2 photos are more interesting, because I bothered to take my 70-200/2.8 lens with me (no monopod though, so I bumped up the ISO for stability).

Basically, day 2 went on well, with a little less attendees in comparison to day 1, thanks to the horrendous weather. Most of us took cabs, but some brave souls got an umbrella and walked. Heh. Pictures from many sushi dinners should also make their way online soon. There was a very nice reception later on in the evening, with lots of people winning prizes and so on.

The general consensus from all the attendees is that they found the MySQL User Conference Japan, very useful, and from what I gather this will be a yearly affair, so there’s no one else to thank, besides MySQL KK for organising this great event. Big shouts out to Yoko-san, Daniel, and Larry.

MySQL Users Conference Japan Day 2

Lachlan, talking to a new support guy and visitor to the booth


MySQL Users Conference Japan Day 2
Marten, on the panel


MySQL Users Conference Japan Day 2
Brian, on the panel


MySQL Users Conference Japan Day 2
Kaj, with a hSenid doll

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