2007, describes itself as India’s Premier FOSS Event. I’m excited to be participating in it, and am leaving to Bangalore this Saturday evening (01 December 2007).

Schedules are out, and I’m giving a talk on 07 December (Friday) from 11.30am – 1pm. The title is generally aptly titled, and a similar (shorter) talk is one I’ve submitted for the MySQL Conference & Expo 2008 titled “Paying it Forward: Harnessing the MySQL Contributory Resources”. I will tell you what we at MySQL have done to help increase external participation, to actually be more like an open source project, and so on. Since there will be plenty of time for Q&A, I hope to harness some collective knowledge and find ways in where we can improve some more (maybe help create a 2008 community roadmap).

You can still register, so please consider doing so. You generally need a visa to get into India, and it just takes a couple of days, at the Indian consulate (ask them to rush it for you, even). Flights are pretty reasonable. And watch the registration statistics!

If you’re in Bangalore, from 02-09 December, I’m generally free for meeting up with you to talk about MySQL, Linux, open source, and lots more. Drop me some email!

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