Asus Eee PC, OLPC, all in one week

This month has clearly been an interesting one. Maybe, I should reserve it to be just this week.

On the weekend, I went looking for a rack, and came back with an Asus Eee PC. Today, while there were about 70 OLPCs given away to lucky, random 2008 attendees, I wasn’t one of them.

However, I got one of the reserved units. Apparently, 100 units were shipped. Excellent.

Pack comes with a power supply, laptop, manual of some sort, and Jim gave me an Australian adapter (it comes with a US based plug).

Like I said in a previous post, I see great reason for the OLPC to rock. Now, I’ve got plenty of work ahead of me, to ensure thing do. Tasks include ensuring Fedora 9 boots off the Eee (I spoke to DaveJ about this, and the ideal plan is to make it installable by default – now its all driver hacking).

Excited, I am, naturally. Working on Fedora again. Whee!

The Eee has enabled me to work on the train and tram rides to get from South Yarra to Melbourne University. The OLPC, just got on my network (ifconfig -a eth0, find MAC, and voila! it works) and I’m sure to be using and hacking on it soon.

Time to sleep, these 9am keynotes are a killer. I am so not a morning person.