GSoC: mentors reviewing students

MySQL has till the 18th to review all the student applications we’ve had for the Google Summer of Code 2008.

We’ve had 48 applications (it was 49 before one withdrew), up from the 35 that we had last year – growth! Currently, we also have 3 non-MySQL’ers being mentors (this is expected to grow), and we’ve also invited the phpMyAdmin team to mentor folk with their projects in mind, as its a very popular web-based UI.

What really is interesting is that out of the 48 applications, 13 already have owners wanting them! That’s 13 mentors, ready to go with the early applicants, and this can only mean good news (i.e. more to come).

Let’s hope that Google provides us more than our previous 10 slots, as in the early stages, we already have a 27% approval rating of students and their projects. Interesting times ahead.

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