A slice of Wednesday – 5 must-see talks

A session at the MySQL Conference 2008 that I’d have loved to attend, would have been the Adopting and Adapting OSS at Shinsei Bank. As a case study, Shinsei Bank in Japan is a great MySQL customer and use case – they’re a bank. A pretty large bank…

Sadly, the session has been cancelled. Never fear, because at 4.25pm on Wednesday, the 16th of April 2008, there are seven other great sessions.

If you’re interested in web security, then look no further than Eli White’s talk titled Help, My Website Has Been Hacked! Now What? Eli works at Digg, and might have some invaluable practical advice for you.

If you’re more the systems administrator, you have to look at Using MySQL Cluster in a High Volume Email Environment by James Blair and Paul Fisher (both from the UC Berkeley). Learn how to configure Exim to use MySQL, or learn how to get Postgrey working with MySQL, and a whole lot more. I think this could be a highly interesting talk to be at (I’m sure the UC Berkeley mail system, like any other university, is honking huge).

Need to squeeze MySQL? Best way to do so is to benchmark and monitor the server. Tom Hanlon has Part 1 of his talk, titled Benchmarking and Monitoring: Tools of the Trade. Talks with the words “performance” or “benchmarking” tend to usually be standing-room only crowds… Be warned :)

While Falcon and InnoDB are different storage engines, and have different end goals, if you’re currently an InnoDB user, thinking about Falcon, you want to attend Falcon for InnoDB users by Kevin Lewis (Falcon Team Lead) and Ann Harrison. Should prove to be very interesting, and I’m sure Jim Starkey (father of Falcon) will be nice and up-in-the-front of the audience…

Everyone’s screaming about Web 2.0 now… Patrick Galbraith, a member of the MySQL Alumni, decided to focus on Web 2.0 (Grazr) rather than just database code (Perl DBI, FEDERATED, mysqlslap, etc.). In Grazr: Lessons Learned Building a Web 2.0 Application Using MySQL, Patrick and colleague Michael Kowalchik tell you how MySQL scales in the startup environment, using replication, many character sets, and so on.

There’s 5/7 talks that I’ve recommended you attend. How does one split oneself? As homework, go read the schedule to find out about the two other great talks (if you use Phorum, there’s one you need to be at too).

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