Keeping track of all the web resources at the MySQL Conference

During this week, expect there to be a flood of posts on Planet MySQL. If you’re using an offline RSS reader, you might not even get all the RSS feeds (might I suggest something like Google Reader?). If you want to be informed as and when something hits Planet MySQL (say, on your mobile phone or via IM), there’s a Twitter feed available – Planet MySQL on Twitter!

Also, on the wiki, I’m trying to keep track of all blog posts (notes) from the conference. Please do help, if something slips to the cracks. Its organised by day, and and by talk topic. All slides will obviously make it to the conference page after the conference is over, so there will be further linking a little later…

If you’re hip and have a Facebook account, do become a member of the MySQL Conference and Expo 2008 group. It might be a new way to network. Very similar to the LinkedIn group for MySQL Speakers and Presenters that Ronald recently talked about. Just a much lower barrier of entry…

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