Keynote with Marten Mickos at MySQL Conference 2008

Live blogging from Marten Mickos’ (SVP Database Group) keynote at the MySQL Conference and Expo 2008.

Why did Sun acquire us?
The culture and the vision. Biggest match with Sun. “Network is the computer” and “Best Online Database”. Great affinity.

Its a 1 billion dollar vote for the LAMP stack.

Integrating better with, run better with Glassfish, and so on. Now, performance and scaling is number one, to make databases run faster. It will take time, but it will be very positive.

This conference itself is just as big as LinuxWorld was seven years ago.

An amazing photo of burning the IPO Prospectus – a bonfire in Santa Cruz. Getting rid of the past!

Scale exponentially, but keep the cost growth at a linear scale. World is flat – build your software in Russia, China, etc. and deploy elsewhere even. Fail fast? Remember to scale fast.

If the whole world is online, how do you think about business? If the world is online, what is the best way to develop software? Its open source, so do it online. Best way to deploy? Maybe not software as a service, but maybe a platform as a service?

Everytime MySQL makes a business model, someone tells us that its stupid and the blogosphere bursts with discussion. The subscription model is the winning model for us. We do see advertising models for example for the online world, but for us, its subscription.

If the whole world is online, how do you organise working? 70% work at home, in over 30 countries. Our organisation is completely spread out. But remember, you get to hire the best people wherever they are in the world.

Customers have choice. The ISV market was the software market, when Marten grew up. That’s not the case anymore. Enterprise 2.0 is building new application. You can but the application (OEM). Now there’s a huge market around buying the service (SaaS). And now, there’s also the market of using the service – you just use Google, or Amazon on the web for instance. Just a major shift in how the software world works.

Remember, It’s Your Data. This is probably the most thing… Data is the Intel inside of the next generation of computer applications (so says Tim O’Reilly). Data drives the web. Vendors might attempt to close the data and lock you in – don’t. Hold on to your data, it is yours. Keep using an open source database, keep using ODF. Its your data. Avoid vendor lock-in.

3 design priorities: reliability, performance and ease of use.

Reliability: Bugs fixed in 5.1: 997 in 2007 plus, 386 so far this year.
Performance: DBT2 performance tests on 5.1.24-rc vs 5.0 shows 10-15% throughput improvements at medium concurrency
Ease of Use: MySQL Workbench is GA as of this morning, and Mike Zinner is on stage.

If you still write SQL query scripts, just turn around, use MySQL Workbench and have a beer. Lots of clapping :) This is in reference to the t-shirt…

Storage Engines: Kickfire, Infobright (for datawarehousing, now resold by Sun), InnoDB (contract renewed!), PBXT (blob streaming coming out), Nitro Security (datewarehousing), SacleDB and Tokutek, Maria (Monty’s baby, MyISAM with transactions and crash recovery), Falcon (superior performance on 16-way Intel Caneland at all DBT2 workloads).

Technology direction?
Marten is leader of an open source group, and innovation happens elsewhere. Our direction?

  • Scale (read, write scalability, scale out, scale up, sharding, etc.). No matter what Ferrari models you have, your customer’s continue to want more horsepower.
  • Data by SQL or not – we work with memcached now, as well.
  • Database as software or as a service (look at
  • Opening up Architecture of Participation (inviting folk to meetings, worklog entries open, et al) – building up a strong ecosystem.

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