Rich Green says “Don’t Panic”!

In-between Marten’s keynote, Rich Green, EVP Software, Sun Microsystems, comes up on stage, and here’s my live-blog.

He talked about the famous dinner last year, for buying MySQL. Autonomy reigns supreme in MySQL. MySQL continue at their same course and speed. The plan is the plan, until there is a new plan – and there is no new plan.

Sun has a heterogeneous platform. Many partners, including Dell, IBM, Intel, and so on. Lots of open source in terms of software. The cultures, discourse, intellectual arguments, its an excellent mash up, this Sun and MySQL. Don’t Panic! There is no change for what has been an incredibly successful thing.

Sun’s Continued MySQL Commitment:

  • profitable business on the principles of FOSS
  • GPL – consider GPLv3 as it involves, and we understand the interest and evolution of the community. Its GPLv2 still, naturally
  • Tuning for the most popular operating systems and hardware platforms
  • Integrating with the most popular development environments and other related technologies

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