Who is the Dick on my site?

Who is the Dick on my site?
Dick Hardt

Most interesting keynote. About 1,000+ slides. Many slides per minute. Definitely a new way of presenting :)

  • What is identity? What is Identity 2.0?
  • Identity is a complicated topic, and you normally get the tip of the iceberg. Identity changes during your stages in life.
  • Works at SXIP Identity.
  • I wondered what the German’s thought about identity. Identat. “They’re German” <applause>
  • Answers.com had the best answers for identity.
  • There’s lots of different personas about a person. Women really are the masters of different personas (clothes, wife, mother, etc.). Reinventing oneself.
  • Identity allows you to predict behaviour…
  • When someone is in a “role” (fireman, etc.), you think you can predict behaviour. Is this identity? It’s who you are, not really, no.
  • blame.ca (his website)
  • Identity transactions… on where is identity used? Party identification, authorisation, profile exchange (information about a person so you know them better).
  • “Do you want to present ID at a bottle shop? If no, you can rollback the transaction!” <applause>
  • Photo ID is a reusable credential. This is an identity transaction.
  • Reputation built up on eBay? You can’t take it over to Craigslist. Identity 1.0 is site centric, its a walled garden.
  • identity20.com
  • Facebook is becoming a new silo. URIs enable things to be open (LinkedIn, Twitter, Flickr, etc.)
  • DataPortability.org – user centric
  • Kim Cameron – Laws of Identity (read it)
  • Device convergence – near field communication, phones doing more than make calls, etc.
  • Digital natives and immigrants. What are you? CNN == news source for natives, immigrants tend to use newspapers. I wouldn’t use CNN as an example myself, but the drift is there. Digital camera (immigrant) vs. just a “camera” (native). The younger generation are all digital natives…
  • OAuth spec – take a gander at this…
  • Reputation services: blogosphere (“pagerank”), open source contributions, wiki, “human” (so stop typing captchas!)
  • Viagra. You’re excited to take it. You can do new things!
  • myhealth.sg was mentioned. Singapore on the forefront of Identity 2.0 and OpenID? Or is it CardSpace (Microsoft) related?
  • What happens when you die? Your domain can be taken by someone else. Do they then become you, if that was your OpenID? Very interesting thought.
  • He flies Air Canada, and loves to talk about his Star Alliance Gold status :) Jives well with me, I’m Star Alliance Gold.

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