great success

my memory is fading. the last week has been really long, with sleep sometimes a luxury i didn’t get. it was filled with work (lots of it), and on tuesday, i had an interesting lunch with the maybank2u folk…

heavy rains… and then there was a nice, long, chat with sk2. it was so nice and long, that i’d completely forgotten when i was supposed to fly off the next morning. fifteen minutes after sleeping, the alarm rang, and there i was off to start the morning to head to jakarta.

its ok, slept on the taxi to the airport, checked in, slept at gates (no lounge access unless i take the train to the other terminal), slept on plane, arrived in jakarta. found my way to a taxi, and had another good 1.5hr sleep (fail distance from airport->location). arrived, found some lunch (event was oversubscribed, there was no more food for me, so i wandered to a starbucks), then gave my talk. the event ended after, and one of the locals took me to a mall to buy about five dozen krispy kremes.

then took a cab back to the airport, found an earlier flight, sms’ed sk2 on the off chance that she’d see me, got on the plane and slept some more. all in all, i think i slept most of the day, because all i was doing was being in transit, and my laptop wasn’t even juiced up (they had no internet or power adapters for me in indonesia, sadly). saw sk2, which is always fun.

thursday. spoke at a malaysian government event. then went to see sk2 again. fun ensued, while at the bookstore. lets see how far/often we go places. we sat at starbucks at the end of it all, trying to beat blogger into shape, and failing massively (me, that is). if it were straight html, it’d be easier, but the widgets are seriously fubar… say hello to wordpress soon. but starbucks was fun otherwise – hot flushes, is all i will say.

friday, work, and then straight off to the event location in bkt. jalil. long day, since we also had to do airport duty. saturday+sunday = conference. great success (as borat would say). sunday evening we (ruben, john, carmen) tried to find some sup kambing but failed – ended up in alexis.

and we’re back to monday. i’m tired. yet, pumped with energy all at the same time.