Donating to Firefox add-ons

I went to get Flashblock installed in my browser after a hiatus, and saw something interesting:

Firefox plugin donations

That’s the add-ons page telling me that you can now make a small donation to the developer of the plugin so they can continue development on it. There’s a suggested amount (in this case $5), and when you do click on Contribute, you’re given options: one-time suggested donation, any price you’d like to give, or a recurring monthly contribution. All this is fulfilled quite simply via Paypal. I actually know of one of the developers of Flashblock – a Malaysian developer, Philip Chee.

Money in a capI find Flashblock useful. Donating definitely makes sense. Then I immediately thought of WOT – Web of Trust. I use the service on a daily basis. Would a donation of $10 to WoT make sense? Absolutely. It makes the web safer for me to browse. It adds that added layer of security before I go ahead and click on a link.

Do you donate to the add-ons that you use the most? Did you even know you could donate to add-ons for Firefox? I would totally appreciate some comments on this.

Disclosure: I have a professional interest in Web of Trust.