SCALE 10x – there’s lots of MySQL there!

I’m just about to get on a plane to head to my inaugural SCALE event. It’s their tenth year running!

In a world filled with NoSQL related media, its kind of nice to see that on Friday January 20 2012, we have a MySQL room right next to the PostgreSQL room (schedule). It is awesome to see that the track will have participation from Oracle, Monty Program Ab, and SkySQL Ab.

On Saturday for the main tracks, I’ve got a talk about the growing MySQL diaspora (just got larger this year in case you haven’t paid attention to the packaged up Galera product!). This one is a constant work in progress and I’m hoping to complete research closer towards March ’12.

Monty Program and SkySQL are also sharing a booth in the expo hall, so come by booth #65 for some interesting schwag (t-shirts, poppers, etc.). Looking at the schedule lineup, I’m surprised I’ve never ever been to a SCALE before – looks totally awesome. See you in LAX (well, we’re so close-by the Los Angeles Airport :P)