Optimizing your InnoDB buffer pool usage by Steve Hardy

Steve Hardy of Zarafa.

Work that has been done to make Zarafa better. Why do you optimise your buffer pool? To decrease your I/O load. How can you do it? Buy more RAM, page compression, less (smaller) data, rearrange data.

MariaDB or Percona Server allows you to inspect your buffer pool (unsure if this is now available in MySQL 5.6). Giuseppe in the audience says this is available in MySQL 5.6, but Steve used this on MariaDB 5.2.

Strategies to fix it: Make records smaller. Remove indexes if you can use others almost as efficiently. Make records that are accessed around the same time have a higher chance of being on the same page. Use page compression. Buy more RAM. Try Batched Key Access (BKA) in MariaDB 5.3+.

Best to view the presentation since there are specific examples that speak about how Zarafa solves their problems like a user trying to sort their email, etc.