Retail terms

Some new retail terms that don’t really mean much in the Malaysian market: concept store, pop-up shop.

Retail usually requires a rental of 3+3 (sometimes 2+2). Those are years. If you’re going into a concept, be prepared to spend. Concept stores are no different from a regular retail store in a department shop in Malaysia. Its just a nicer/different word to use.

Pop-up shops in a retail location? They are usually 3-month rental terms (sometimes 2 months first, followed by 4 month cycles). If its a shop, you’ve got to furnish it like your concept store. If it’s a cart, you pack up & setup daily. Carts aren’t cheap (of course cheaper than a retail store; but once you add in cost per square footage, you’re really only saving on furnishings). 

Remember a 10am-10pm opening schedule. Even during public holidays. With rules that usually prevent you from eating at your cart/pop-up store, with the ideal being you have 2-shifts of work daily.

Overall, there is no such thing as a concept store or pop-up shop in Malaysia. You just have the burden that is retail. Plain & simple.