30-day challenge: The Gym

My favorite view. Don't listen to CNN, Seoul is awesomeFor the last month, I’ve had a 30-day challenge, inspired by Sara. She challenged me to going to the gym three times a week and spending one and a half hours each time. This is 4.5 hours of working out per week. 

I just unlocked this achievement yesterday. On average, I spend about an hour on the elliptical, I do abdominal crunches and then I go for a swim (something I always used to do). When travelling I don’t get what my home gym has, so I have also done the treadmill, cycling, chest presses, seated rows and some exercises for my back (this was especially required when I first started on this challenge). Most times at the home gym, I rock up to the sauna afterward as well.

Upon first starting I was pretty exhausted, but after about the first week it got easier and now it just seems like second nature. To pass time I listen to audiobooks so I’m learning as I go along.

I completed the challenge in three cities across three continents: Kuala Lumpur, São Paulo, and Portland, Oregon. A big issue for me was the time spent on planes. Have I lost weight? No. Have I lost fat? Yes. Am I going to continue? Absolutely. Shorter than 1.5 hours each time, but I’m definitely going to continue.

In fact, I should head there now! 

(The picture in this post is the view from my favourite gym, the Park Club at Park Hyatt Seoul. I can’t wait to visit it soon.)