Nick Vujicic, motivational speaker, in Malaysia thanks to YTL/FrogAsia

I saw a moving video (which I can’t find now) featuring Nick Vujicic and how he overcomes challenges. Check out Leaps of Knowledge: FrogAsia presents Nick Vujicic. I don’t normally listen to motivational speakers but I’m kinda happy that YTL is bringing him to town because both parents and students of the system need to ensure that the next generation don’t give up no matter what challenges they face. Those facing challenges in Malaysia are only stronger in the world because you focus on overcoming it well.

I don’t know if the series Leaps of Knowledge is going to be like a Malaysian TED-equivalent, but from what I’m told this is just the first of the series. Its part of the whole FrogAsia push that YTL’s spearheading to ensure that all students end up learning with a Chromebook. You know I’m excited overall about the ability for students to learn beyond their skewed textbooks and education system. The power of a Chromebook with an Internet connection will help all students overcome challenges. 

Its FREE for 1BestariNet ID holders (so again, targeted at parents/students in the education system). No reason not to go IMHO, so register at

Many parents I’ve spoken to talk about how the education system needs fixing. Public education might be free/cheap, but its so incredibly broken. 1BestariNet no matter what will help improve the overall education system because if a student has an inkling to learn more, she will thanks to the Internet. It is a powerful tool, for example there are 24 e-books that focus on Malays in Project Gutenberg. Vast bodies of information that even I am trying to chomp thru over time.

I was lucky to be educated in an international school, learning everything in English and taking the O Levels. Today I am told that even with more international schools, there are waiting lists and the costs have skyrocketed. Its something I generally have to think about going forward because I will have children eventually too. 

So the system might be broken, but you have to overcome challenges. So kudos to YTL for bringing Nick Vujicic to talk about this, to motivate the next generation to thrive in a tough world. Giving it away for free is a bonus; I do sincerely hope that it is eventually extended to more than just 1BestariNet ID holders.

With all the challenges life throws at you, we all can use a little motivation, learn something new, and more importantly be inspired to get ahead of the curve.