MariaDB in Japan

Pre-UC-J MySQL Dinner at GonpachiMariaDB is in Debian/unstable now, and its great to see that we already have a Japanese po-debconf translation (in under a month!). The last time I was in Tokyo, Japan we seemed to have great interest in MariaDB, especially with the backing of investment dollars and the MariaDB Foundation to keep things real.

For me, I’m happy to go back to Tokyo to talk to users about MariaDB. If you’re in the area on Tuesday, 18 February 2013, there is a gathering of MariaDB users in Tokyo. It’s a half day event (1.30pm-10pm), you get dinner and drinks, but the best part is that the co-founders of MySQL, David Axmark and Michael “Monty” Widenius will also be there to present. 

So what are you waiting for – go ahead and register, and see you on Tuesday, 18 February 2013. Looking forward to great discussions about MariaDB, MySQL, and more.

Pic is of Monty in Japan in 2007, during the MySQL User Conference Japan