Mamma Mia

I caught Mamma Mia on Sunday. This wasn’t my first time seeing it; the cast was new. It was a lot racier compared to the previous one about 5 years ago in KL.

Then, I sat within spitting distance of PM Najib & Rosmah, using the intermission fully to crack jokes about explosives. This time it was on the second row from the stage. I enjoyed both thoroughly.

I wondered why the hardline minority Islamists didn’t comment about Mamma Mia. They seem to take offense with plenty. Figured it’s probably because they’d have to pay for a ticket and that’s beyond them (lovers of freebies). They always have to remember the relation between tolerance and prosperity.

An arts scene is important for KL to become a world class livable city. This is something that is strong in New York or London, and I wish KL had more foresight. From what I see, Singapore is leading the way in South East Asia.

I don’t expect these things to develop overnight. It comes with work from both developing the local scene & inspiring the experienced to come for shows. It’s like the gallery/photography scene – again nothing to be developed overnight but I’m starting to see more interest and there are clearly auction houses at work. I find here that people try to leapfrog the basic collectors (which is a big mistake – that RM100 piece I buy today will help me buy the RM1,000 piece later on in life, and so on).

I reckon we will be building a base in the next decade. Yes it will shoot past 2020, but we have to contend with other issues (politically, etc) before Malaysia enjoys such first world livability. Then it will be another decade before things just work.

So people bearing kids today – don’t leave the nation. Make it better, for our future generation. Don’t be complacent, always question the status quo. It’s our nation, and we’ve got to lay claim & take it back.