Life with Rona — Day 4

As predicted, Oura was not pleased with me (some 5+ hours of sleep). Woke up to polish of a presentation, make a recording of it, and send it along. On a Saturday.

Semantics matter. I am wondering if journalists need to be a bit harder on the Health Minister, the Prime Minister, and the rest of his Cabinet. It is clear there is a very thin line between a Movement Control Order/Restricted Movement Order and a lockdown. Very thin (basically saying you need permits from the police to leave your house is all that Malaysia is missing).

Malaysia is at 8 deaths now (Singapore reported her first 2). The army will be around tomorrow. I expect more folk to be panicking. The key is still to be testing, though I am wondering why Malaysia is doing poorly here; it is also beginning to seem like testing only happens in Kuala Lumpur, whereas the rest of Malaysia sends it over to be tested. If only there was more upfront information about this.

Telcos in Malaysia are offering free data to keep people home. DiGi is my primary telco, but being on a business line, the offer doesn’t seem to apply. Silly because it is business people who are working at home that also need more data!

I’m seeing more politicians post messages about them staying at home and encouraging Malaysians to do the same. Some from their own pools. Some from their gyms. Some from the comforts of their palace. I feel all this is extremely tone deaf considering families live in 600sqft places and find it clearly hard to be socially distanced from each other.

I did a bit of a HIIT workout on a yoga mat I got years ago. Well, not necessarily HIIT — it was pushups (I managed 55, with breaks of course) and a bit of 180 squat jumps with some toilet paper rolls. Ref: TOILET PAPER WORKOUT….YES YOU HEARD ME RIGHT!. The pushups were sort of a challenge from Nick one of my spin instructors, and I learned about the toilet paper squat jumps from a friend Steph, and I enjoyed another spin instructor Chao’s music. Spotify is clearly a lot better than Apple Music when you subscribe to other people’s playlists. Boy do I miss a spin bike. I would buy a Peloton or SoulCycle bike if they sell it in more markets!

Post HIIT I was extremely sweaty. Maybe it is because I was not in my usual Lululemon workout clothes? Enjoyed sometime outside on a Zoom call that lasted for longer than I expected; again it was friends shooting the shit. We also benefitted from Zoom removing the 40-minute call limit which was very nice of them.

Worth noting that if you’re going to a grocery store, stuff that is backordered and sold out regularly tends to be eggs, chicken, milk and bread.

With the increase in deaths and the numbers going up, many are stating that Malaysia gets another 2 weeks of MCO. Frankly 2 weeks itself is a disaster, what more a whole month? No one is talking about aid. Newspapers are starting to ask if we’re prepared for a recession and people have opined that getting companies to stop the EPF matching payments make sense. I can’t imagine why everyone goes for the EPF — that is retirement savings. You’re practically robbing yourself tomorrow, to pay yourself today. The government does not help you in retirement. So much has to change.