Life with Rona — Day 43

Up rather late, because I slept in, and Oura was pleased (Readiness and Sleep crowns). I felt I needed the lie in. Sourdough bread (different mix), usual soft boiled eggs for breakfast, cauliflower fried rice for lunch and dinner was a nasi lemak combo. I did a Theresa workout (via the Mandarin Oriental account), and I forgot to mention yesterday it was Sharlene (via Fly).

Malaysia’s Covid-19 situation: 5,945 (+94) total cases, 4,087 (+55) recoveries, 100 dead. 40 in ICU beds, 18 on ventilators.

We are seeing MITI announce that approved industries can go up ot 100% capacity, during this current phase of the MCO. Now, 2 people can be in a car together to get essentials/groceries. And you can go further than a 10km radius (they still say radius, not distance from your home). All this without Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) which they seem to be almost silent about.

We are headed for disaster if there are no SOPs. We need to reopen the economy, but we need to have guidelines of what the new normal is to be. I’ve been collecting a list of hotel closures.

Signing off, it is past 4am now! The thing about working with people in other timezones…