Life with Rona – Days 49 and 50

It has been a busy few days at work (lots of output and other kinds of writing clearly), so this ends up taking a back seat! I quite enjoyed salad wraps, puttu, bangers & mash and more in the last two days. From a workout standpoint I did Aiman on Tuesday, and on Wednesday took it easier with some yoga by Charmaine.

Malaysia’s Covid-19 situation on Tuesday: 6,386 (+30) total cases, 4,567 (+83) recoveries, 106 (+1) dead. All transmissions were local in these 30 cases.

Malaysia’s Covid-19 situation on Wednesday: 6,428 (+45) total cases, 4,702 (+135) recoveries, 107 (+1) dead. 22 in ICU beds, 9 on ventilators.

We’re seeing some great flip flops around eateries, now with them saying, Pubs, eateries selling liquor not allowed to open under CMCO. I was watching the stock market towards the end of closing, and saw bank stocks drop quite a bit, only to realise they dropped the compounded interest on hire purchase loans… so banks are eating the cost. It is clear that Malaysia is suffering due to jostling for power. Politics plays such a huge role in our lives.