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MySQL vs. PostgreSQL

We were at the Sun+Zend party last night, and it was a blast (thank you Jesse Silver!). If you’re a PostgreSQL or MySQL user/developer or just a general database geek, you should’ve been there. Why?

(watch the video if its stripped in your feed reader)

Monty Widenius (MySQL) and Josh Berkus (PostgreSQL), decided to start sumo wrestling! It ended with a 5-0 score, advantage MySQL.

An attendee Tim Moore twittered: “Postgres is totally losing the sumo match. I’m migrating all of my databases to MySQL tomorrow.”

Monty says, this is what we do to people that leave Sun! In fact, if you didn’t already know, Josh Berkus, my esteemed colleague in the Database Group at Sun Microsystems, is leaving his post as the PostgreSQL Team Lead. We met for the first time, face to face at last year, and all I can say is I’m truly saddened to see him leave. But thanks to the magic of the open source world, we’ll still be interacting, I’m sure. Good luck Josh! (and better sumo practising next time, mmmkay?)

Brian, Monty and Tim O’Reilly at OSCON 2008 Keynote

Interested in MySQL? Drizzle? How the Sun acquisition is going for MySQL? Listen to Brian, Monty, and Tim speak about this, at the OSCON panel. Watch the video, its 20+ minutes, it starts off a bit shaky (oops), but I’m mostly happy with the rest. Enjoy.

Memcached and MySQL: webminar from a Web 2.0 company

At OSCON, Brian and Dormando gave their ever famous talk, Memcached and MySQL: Everything You Need To Know. I didn’t attend the tutorial, but they assured me it was similar to what was given at the MySQL Conference 2008 (everything, but the very nice buttons dormando was giving out with the memcached logo!). Great, because not only is memcached hot, but I have notes from their talk: Memcached and MySQL tutorial.

Interestingly enough (and this didn’t happen at OSCON), was at the MySQL Conference, Patrick Galbraith jumped on stage to speak about his experience with memcached at Grazr. Why not now, spend an hour listening to Patrick talk about Grazr, memcached, and MySQL?

There’s a webminar, titled: Grazr: Lessons Learned using MySQL and Memcached in Web 2.0 Applications. Its on Thursday, August 14, 2008, and you don’t even need to dress up to listen to Pat talk – the beauty of a webminar :)

P/S: If you don’t already know, subscribing to MySQL Enterprise entitles you to 24/7 production support for memcached. Neat, right?

Notes from the Open Mobile Exchange

I was at part of the Open Mobile Exchange at OSCON today, so here are a few scraps of notes that I found interesting (from various speakers).

While we do live in the shadow of the iPhone now, this is going to change.

Every person in the modern world uses Linux multiple times EVERY DAY (even if you don’t know it). Linux is everywhere.

The AppStore is something that’s making the iPhone rock. The reason Windows is so popular, is because there are so many applications. This is changing in the open mobile world: think Android, for example.

There are 3.3 billion mobile phones (more than PCs, cars, telephones, credit cards, and TV even).

When Apple sends a million phones in the weekend, its a drop in the ocean when Nokia sells a million phones a day! The iPhone is about usage (German iPhone users use 30 times more data; Google notices 50 times the number of searches from iPhone usage)

  • User Interface – Vimeo has a video, “OpenMoko train wreck” which compares to why its a FAIL versus the iPhone
  • Access to Device Characteristics (camera, location, accelerometer, network, security, privacy) – today you really don’t get access to this, this needs to happen, really!
  • Standards
  • Performance – Firefox 3 for example, is very performance oriented. Remember, we’ve become bandwidth gluttons (webpage size has tripled since 2003… 22 times since 1995!). We’ve all been spoiled by having high broadband connection… look at Yahoo!’s 14 Performance Rules (34 today).

There are numerous mobile web browsers, and so little documentation about them today.

Leveraging Mobile Open Source for New Wireless Apps and Services
Stefano Maffulli, Funambol Community Manager
(instead of Hal Steger)

  • Push email, PIM synchronisation
  • Younger generations are using more than just voice, in mobile – its SMS, data, chat
  • Nokia Ovi ( – Nokia is using this to monetise user generated content

Average American gets 3,000 visual stimulus messages per day. That’s a lot of advertising!

OpenSolaris-MySQL-Zend OSCON Bash

One of the interesting things about conferences is the fact that there are usually parties associated with the conference. This usually means free food and drink. Sometimes, it usually means free t-shirts[1].

Anyway, its a great way to mingle and network, share and learn new things. So come to the OpenSolaris-MySQL-Zend OSCON Bash located at the DoubleTree Hotel (Lloyd Centre), on Wednesday, July 23, 2008 from 8pm-midnight.

Jesse Silver (excellent party planner – I found his skills amazing at the OpenSolaris Developer Summit earlier this year, in Santa Cruz, back in May), has assured us that it will be “carnivalesque”. Boxing, tricycle races, shooting galleries, pool, and an open bar :)

[1] – Good, since I’ve had to visit Target to buy some yesterday – thanks to United’s great efforts of leaving my bag in LAX and for some reason not getting it to me. Apparently, I’m not the only one in the MySQL Community lacking clothing – JetBlue has played a number on Sheeri, too.

Our booth is yours… Sun at OSCON

Its worth noting that MySQL will have a big presence at OSCON 2008. All this, thanks to Sun, as Sun’s a fairly big sponsor (Platinum Sponsor), and we’ve got a humongous booth!

There are booth talks, that you must attend! They range from getting started with the MySQL Community, MySQL 5.1, MySQL Workbench, MySQL Cluster, and many more. Expect to see the schedule up at the booth (and yes I know, there are a whole heap of already interesting talks in the program, but a lot of the talks at the booth are also scheduled during breaks).

Today, I saw the ad copy, which reads “Our Booth is Your Booth”. “We have whiteboards, tables, electrical outlets and fresh coffee. Come to converse, share ideas, participate or simply to vegetate.”

Seriously, that’s advertising that bodes well with me. Note that will also be there. See you at OSCON :)