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Sun Systems Tour; MyGOSSCON

Busy next few days: Sun Systems Tour in Jakarta, Indonesia on November 5, then MyGOSSCON 2008 on November 6.

For the Sun event, there’s a corporate slide deck – MySQL from Sun: The Platform for the Web Economy. For the MyGOSSCON event I’ll be speaking about MySQL Best Practices.

If you’re in Jakarta and free on November 5, don’t hesitate to say hi. Similar invite for MyGOSSCON, though I don’t actually know if its open to all.

Software Freedom Day in Riga: Superstars galore

Tomorrow (Saturday, September 20 2008) is Software Freedom Day, and we’re taking Latvia by storm! We’re hosting it at the University of Latvia, and we have an awesome schedule.

Why awesome? Because we have exciting speakers like you wouldn’t believe.

  • MÃ¥rten Mickos, former CEO MySQL AB, current SVP Database Group, Sun Microsystems
  • Kaj Arno, VP Community, Database Group, Sun Microsystems
  • Mark Callaghan, Google Inc – he’ll be talking about running a database when your business depends on it – very cool stuff
  • Domas Mituzas, Wikimedia Foundation and Sun Database Group Support Engineer

There are many, many more, but just the list above is pretty impressive if you ask me.

There is to be free lunch at the university, and in the evening at 7.30pm, there is to be free buffet dinner and beer at the Radisson SAS Daugava Hotel. Come unwind with the rest of the Sun Database Group!

So, if you’re currently not in Riga, Latvia, consider coming. Take a flight in, or if you’re in Finland, there’s a ferry; if you’re in Estonia, there’s a train; and if you’re in Lithuania, there’s a bus!

As an aside, I find it funny, that I have traditionally never been in my own country when there has been a Software Freedom Day. Last year I was in Beijing, China delivering a speech on MySQL. This year, I’m in Riga, Latvia, with the rest of the Sun Database Group for our yearly developer’s meeting.

Drizzle… seeing sun through the clouds

Brian Aker was at the Sun booth today, in a premier slot, where there must have been about 50-60 people, huddled around, to listen to him talk about Drizzle. The project motivations, what’s behind it, what its not aimed to be, and so much more. Check the video out (21 minutes long)!

The Birds of a Feather (BoF) session in the night, was well attended, and there was lots of large discussion on what’s next. I think the important message to take away is that Drizzle doesn’t aim to be MySQL, and there are no plans to “merge” things back (fixes where the code-base is shared though, might make sense). Its also important that the design is for the future, i.e. multi-core machines. It was great to see Brian say that this really leverages Sun in many ways.

Its worth noting that Sheeri was at the lightning talk, and has a shorter, 8 minute video recording too.
Update: s/nothing/noting

MySQL vs. PostgreSQL

We were at the Sun+Zend party last night, and it was a blast (thank you Jesse Silver!). If you’re a PostgreSQL or MySQL user/developer or just a general database geek, you should’ve been there. Why?

(watch the video if its stripped in your feed reader)

Monty Widenius (MySQL) and Josh Berkus (PostgreSQL), decided to start sumo wrestling! It ended with a 5-0 score, advantage MySQL.

An attendee Tim Moore twittered: “Postgres is totally losing the sumo match. I’m migrating all of my databases to MySQL tomorrow.”

Monty says, this is what we do to people that leave Sun! In fact, if you didn’t already know, Josh Berkus, my esteemed colleague in the Database Group at Sun Microsystems, is leaving his post as the PostgreSQL Team Lead. We met for the first time, face to face at last year, and all I can say is I’m truly saddened to see him leave. But thanks to the magic of the open source world, we’ll still be interacting, I’m sure. Good luck Josh! (and better sumo practising next time, mmmkay?)

Brian, Monty and Tim O’Reilly at OSCON 2008 Keynote

Interested in MySQL? Drizzle? How the Sun acquisition is going for MySQL? Listen to Brian, Monty, and Tim speak about this, at the OSCON panel. Watch the video, its 20+ minutes, it starts off a bit shaky (oops), but I’m mostly happy with the rest. Enjoy.


Zembly: write applications for Facebook, and the same thing applies for the iPhone or Meebo, or as a widget on your blog. Build stuff within the web-browser. This is a Sun-sponsored project, and looks very interesting.

Zembly: An Open Platform for iPhone and Mobile Browser Widgets
Prakash Narayan, Sun Microsystems Inc

Firstly, we’re entering a new world: software development is already changing, involving mostly software engineers to new models that involve everyone. Identify new opportunities for SE experts to reach many times more users by enlisting the masses to build on your work

Applications come in all sizes and shapes (, widgets, shell scripts, etc.). Widgets are built on platforms (a piece of software that enables applications).

A platform is the fertiliser for ecosystems of applications built upon them. Applications enrich the platforms they run on. Crowdsourcing enrich platforms in ways that the original developers didn’t imagine. is a place for collaboratively building services, widgets, social applications, etc. for Facebook or the iPhone platform. Only tool you need to build your applications, is the web browser. Hosting is free!

Zembly is a community, and has “always live” development (using open services, widgets and mashups). Its like Wikipedia for code (freely create, edit, publish and find public services, widgets and mashups).

A new paradigm for developing applications. You’re not edit, compiling and debugging. As soon as you edit your code, its live (you then participate, and use applications).

A demo is now shown… Same application running on Facebook and an iPhone.

Try Zembly? Definitely. I just signed up for it.