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It’s been openly said that the folk need to work closer with the Docs Project. Finally, the discussion has burst out on a private list with the folk.

Worries that freedom and flexibility have been thrown up. And of course, the fact that fedoranews is not only about what’s in Fedora Core (but also extras,alternatives,legacy, et al). I’ve gone on stating that peer review is a Good Thing™.

And that will still exist for reviews, comparisons, etc… its just that the good HOWTO’s or even guide’s ought to be merged with the Fedora Docs project. The current status of the docs project IMHO, is dismal (I’ve yet to have the need to edit anything, for example). And people have complained about articles on for instance, not being as accurate as they should be.

My take? is still the place for newbies to go. Reviews, et al will still be there. Just the useful HOWTO’s/Guide’s (let’s follow the tldp as an example) should exist at the docs project & at the fedoranews website.

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