PC Gemilang revisited

Something I do in my free time, but nowadays seems to eat up into my entire life. Spent a good part of the day yesterday on phone conversations to make sure things are going the way it should be. My job mainly is to train the trainers now, and thats it – line has to be drawn as to what can be achieved. Punting the idea of an open source support network, it requires funding, and might not exactly make money (initially).

Cynthia must be out to get us in her next article For PC project to work. OpenOffice.org has yet to achieve mass market appeal because RM5 copies of Microsoft Office XP are available – government, do your job and curb piracy. Who is this Seow character, getting off saying “the Linux bundle will appeal to the techie type or those who already own a legal copy of an operating system and want to replace older hardware.” Remember, we are giving away PC Gemilang in Malay too (at least my specs state that).

Really doesn’t help when Microsoft has set up a website stating their claims, and also painting FUD about the Linux package. This is unfair competition in all aspects, and I’m sure we’re going to pressure them to change it. Uncertain vendor support (Fedora) they mention, maybe someone reading this has the power to apply a change to that statement…