Lots of Linux things happening now

The past few days have been most active with lots of new things in the Linux world. Some thoughts on usability, and a fairly nice response based on GNOME 2.6.

Corel’s WordPerfect is going to be available on Linux again (back then, I preferred it to StarOffice 5.1); this implies we need to get the wp filter working soon. Also available is IndeView – burn it on a CD, with your OOo presentation and you have an instant viewer! This is our first OOo viewer of sorts, and if we use this to our advantage, a light-weight Writer/Calc viewer might come soon too.

Based on the successful Red Hat Meetup we had, I’ve gotten Jason to make us a special SIG at the Linux Users of Victoria! I present the Red Hat LUV SIG for Red Hat and Fedora discussions; we’ll meet once a month, have a list set up soon enough, and be a nice community together now :) Wonder if this is the first SIG that’s been started up based on the RH Meetup?

One Comment

  1. Just a small comment on IndeView: Rather than being a native viewer for OOo Impress presentations IndeView mean “Independent Presentation Viewer”.

    IndeView converts your OOo (or KOffice, resp.) presentation into an independent (bitmap-based) format and stores the resulting files into a directory of your choice.

    Also it stores the needed viewer application as pre-compiled binary for Windows, Linux, Mac OS/X into the same directory.

    So all you have to do is burn the contents of that directory onto a CD – and you may present your slides on any computer using one of these OSes.

    Note: Since IndeView is not a native OOo Impress viewer it can not show any moving content: there is no animations and no slide transition effects. We hope to be able to add this at a later state of development…