my disk died, and i’m in intech

  • Caught Extreme Measures; not too bad a show.
  • My disk on the Thinkpad (potter) died. Taking with it, some recent work, and lots of mail from mid-August till now. So if you sent me something important, don’t hesitate to send it down my way again, thanks. I probably lost a bit of ~/Desktop/Downloads for certain as well. But I don’t think there was much “real work” in recent times that I’d have lost (seeing that everything real, tends to sit on the Net somehow). R.I.P. No more Samsung disks for me, ever. 5,400rpm/80GB.
  • Downloading FC-4/i386 now. Its about time I head out for a hair cut, and get a new disk as well. Point to note is that disks are cheaper in Melbourne than they are in KL.
  • Yes, yes, thanks for all the SMSes telling me I was in today’s Star In.Tech. Yes, it is me. Well, it was me, like seven years ago. I don’t look anywhere near that young any longer. Article in question is the “Protecting our borders in Cyberspace”, yes that’s xearth running on my desktop, with PGP freeware, and the other one has a blank terminal that may have had gpg running.


  1. biatch0 says:

    So it was you!!!

  2. aizat says:

    Haha yes, I thought that was you! Man that is quite a setup you had there.