MySQL 5.1 iPod Nano giveaway, winner #1

Congratulations to Giuseppe Maxia, who’s won himself an iPod Nano!

Giuseppe has been actively submitting bug reports for MySQL 5.1, plus he’s got an interesting blog (syndicated at Planet MySQL), mentioning new features that are available in MySQL 5.1. Of interest, is your performance related post on Partitioning. To add to that, your bug reports are reproducible, and simply facilitate “cut-n-paste” verification! (mysql#17894)

Giuseppe, thanks for your help and helping make MySQL 5.1 rock!

P/S: Thanks for the help on the Sakila sample database as well.

One Comment

  1. Congratulations Giuseppe,

    I’m really thrilled you won an iPOD, and how well-deserved it is too! It’s always a pleasure to read your blog.