Do you MySQL 5? (.0.21)

Knoppix 5.0.1 available:
It looks quite nice, although some of the packages are very up to date and others are quite old. MySQL comes with 5.0.21, so there’s probably no distribution with a more recent MySQL version at the moment.

No Markus, Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper actually comes with 5.0.21 just as well. On June 1. And with their new Casper system, the CD you download is actually a LiveCD and an Install CD all rolled into one! 5.0.22 is a security release, for what its worth…


  1. breun says:

    Fedora Core 5 also has MySQL 5.0.21 currently.

  2. byte says:

    aye. but i was going more for with its shipping nature (shipped with 5.0.18)

  3. miss X says:

    congrats on getting a scholarship to WWDC

  4. miss X says:

    2006 =)

  5. mistake! says:

    i will spell mistake for u … haha lol!